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Copy of Copy of Copy of Kenyan Orphan -

Education, Bible Studies, Crops and Care
to the Community of Meru, Kenya

Hands in the Soil
The Dream

We started with 3 acres of empty land in Meru, Kenya and turned it into a thriving community offering those in need with education, food, and learning to be self-sufficient.

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What We Offer

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The children in the area are provided with a school and a chance to learn, work with others and enjoy their life as a child. Local adults have been given an opportunity to become teachers in this school. Those that attend school are provided with good nutrition, quality clothing all in a safe and clean environment.

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We grow crops on the land used to feed the community. Plus, the families in the community learn how to prepare the land, plant and harvest the crops. Our goal is to help these families to produce enough from the farm to reduce the need for donations from outside sources. Plus, any excess could be sold in local markets.

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We provide the homeless as well as the needy children in Meru with life’s basic needs. Having the basic needs and good nutrition leads to children learning better and becoming more confident in themselves.

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Who We Are

Kenyan Orphan Support has been working in this community for over eight years. Our heart is towards the children in this community. We want to see them have a better chance at a future.

Our Mission
We strive to support schools and communities to break the cycle of poverty by empowering the people locally. 

Who Are We
How You Can Help

How You Can Help

Sponsor a Child

It is easy to sponsor a child to get them the initial school uniform and school supplies. This is the first step to changing their lives.

Support Education

Help fund the salary needed to provide a teacher to teach the children at the school. This also gives a job to a valuable community member.

Provide Water for Crops

The crops make a direct difference to this community. Unfortunately, clean water and supply for healthy crops often requires a water truck to provide needed water.

Support Our Guardians

Many of the children orphans are from extremely needy families. It is our goal to build a dorm in the community. In the meantime, guardians are selected to house and care for those kids.

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