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Julius Marete


Julius Marete is the co-founder and CEO of Kenya Orphan Support and currently lives in Meru, Kenya. He studied and became a teacher of English as a foreign language in Kenya.

While searching for ways to improve his English Julius was connected to Lorie in an English-learning chat room. They had an instant connection and grew a friendship. Julius invited Lorie to visit Kenya and the school he taught at. Lorie visited Kenya and stayed with Julius’ family. Lorie and Julius share a common passion to help improve the living conditions, quality of education and health facilities in the town. So together they formed Kenyan Orphan Support.


Together they purchased land, raised money and started a school that now teaches around 140 children. The school is also a feeding center where children receive a balanced nutritional diet. 

Our goal is to purchase additional land, expand the school, and create an industry to employ the residents of Meru.

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