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Lorie Disaia


Lorie has always had a passion for helping others in need. Starting many years ago when she and her husband developed a special glove to be used by those with Cerebral Palsy or who have had a stroke. She and her husband worked as a team in every aspect of the business from manufacturing to marketing and business development. Lorie found joy in seeing lives transformed through their work.


Later in life an opportunity presented itself for Lorie to travel to Kenya. When arriving in Kenya she felt an indescribable peace while in an uncertain and sometimes scary environment. She even took a small bus by herself to Meru where she was overwhelmed by the hospitality of this small town. Lorie was given a tour of the village and saw with her own eyes the need for education and housing for the children. They were living in horrible conditions without access to clean drinking water. Lorie knew right then she had to jump in feet first to help this town. Since that trip she has devoted her time and energy in starting Kenyan Orphan Support along with her partner Julius. Together they are continuing to help turn this small town into a thriving community.

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