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Accountability & Transparency
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We are a registered charitable foundation in Kenya (per Kenya’s Society's Act). Also, through the New Horizons Foundation we maintain accurate reporting of how donor funds are spent.

We Articulate the Need.
Education for the children

at Kenya Orphan Support’s Dimmock Academy in Meru, Kenya:

  • Salaries for 8 teachers, 1 cook, 1 night guard, 1 handyman, 1 bus driver, and 1 administrator.

    • Teachers makes $80 per month, with others making $65 per month.

  • Food for the children while they are at school.

    • 3 meals that include porridge for breakfast, and beans + veggies for lunch, and then porridge again before they go home.

    • In total, the cost of this type of food for the children is about $200 per month.

    • Plus, clean water which is $50 per month.

  • Assistance with the children’s clothing and basic school uniforms.

  • Assistance with the educational materials and supplies.

    • In total, the cost for this is about $100 per month.

  • Aid for maintaining the school’s infrastructure and cleanliness.

    • In total, the cost for this is about $80 per month.

    • Plus, electricity which is about $20 per month.

  • Aid for maintaining the school’s bus—used to pick up the children.

    • The total round-trip distance of the bus route is about 180 kilometers!

    • It is a 2-hour trip per route.

    • The bus fuel and maintenance costs about $400 per month.

  • Possibly aid for help the staff and children receive vaccinations to protect against COVID-19.

What do the children do at school?

The children attend the school 5 days a week, for about 8 hours each day. After school they return home to be with their guardians.

The comprehensive curriculum for the children at Dimmock Academy includes:

Christian Religious Education (Bible Study), Hygiene and Nutrition, Music, Sports, Math, English, Kiswahili, Computer Studies, and Environmental Science.

The curriculum is in alignment with the Kenya Government’s requirements for a “Competency Based Curriculum” and tailored for the age of each student group.

The children do have access to several computers (donated) with intermittent access to the internet.

Here is the breakdown of the age ranges:

  • Preschool, 70 children

  • 1st Grade, 20 children

  • 2nd Grade, 15 children

  • 3rd Grade, 15 children

How much does it cost to personally support a child for a whole year?

$800 (that is $67 per month), and it covers:

  • School Fee + Materials + Uniform ($270)

  • Other clothing ($40)

  • Food ($300)

  • Activities ($30)

  • Medical Needs ($60)

  • Support for Guardians – Household ($100)

Image by Doug Linstedt
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