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Who We Are

Kenyan Orphans Support has been working in this community for over eight years. Our heart is towards the children in this community.
We want to see them have a better chance at a future.

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Our Mission
We strive to support schools and communities to break the cycle of poverty by empowering the people locally.  Kenyan Orphans Support has helped three rural schools install electricity. This makes it possible to use computers, printers and now the internet.

In one of the schools, we refurbished a modern computer lab with 13 computers and furniture, connected it to the internet and continue to employ a computer tutor to serve the three schools.  The computer lab is serving a population of about 1,000 children and over 100 teachers in the schools including the wider community of approximately 20,000 residents.


Empowering Communities Through Education
Education has been cited as one way to empower people to help break the cycle of poverty.  Children who acquire quality education can easily obtain employment. This allows them to take charge of their lives because they are informed about what is going on within their own environment and globally.

With modern global trends in education, computers are incorporated in almost all educational activities to help learning institutions and communities.  We strive to support schools and communities in this initiative. 

Our Founders

Lorie Disaia

Lorie has always had a passion for helping others in need. Starting many years ago when she and her husband developed a special glove to be used by those with Cerebral Palsy or who have had a stroke.

Julius Marete

Julius is a resident of Meru, Kenya. He has a passion for teaching and has spent years teaching English as a second language. After being connected with Lorie they formed a partnership with a goal of improving the quality of life for the children of Meru.

Future Projects


Fish Farming

One of the many sustainable solutions to improve the quality of life in Meru is in fish farming in small ponds, where the same water can be used for small scale irrigation to grow vegetables.

Image by Nathan Dumlao

Support of the Aging

Evidence shows that abuse of the older persons has been on the rise in Kenya with the most common form of abuse being physical. Notably, rural areas have the highest prevalence of such cases.

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